20 Yard Dumpster - 1 ton included
20 Yard Dumpster 5 Day Rental


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Size: 15' L x 7.5' W x 5' H

Days: Up to 5 Days

Rent Time Extension: $30/day

Ton(s): 1 included

Extra Weight: $90/ton


20 Yard Dumpster Solution

Our 20-yard dumpster is expertly designed to address the varying waste management demands of residential and commercial ventures alike. With its generous capacity and adaptable nature, it serves as a versatile solution for an extensive array of projects:

  • Renovation Projects (Kitchen, Whole House): Whether you're undertaking a kitchen remodel or revamping an entire residence, our 20-yard dumpster offers ample space to efficiently manage debris.
  • Seasonal Cleanup (Garage, Attic, Outdoor Areas): Simplify your seasonal decluttering efforts with our dumpster, which can accommodate items from garages, attics, and outdoor spaces without hassle.
  • Construction Sites (New Builds and Renovations): Ideal for construction endeavors, our 20-yard dumpster is well-suited for both new builds and renovation projects, providing sufficient room for construction debris.
  • Property Clear-Outs (Hoarder Homes, Estate Cleanouts): Tackling challenging cleanout tasks is made easier with our dumpster, which excels at clearing spaces such as hoarder homes or managing estate cleanouts.
  • Flooring Projects (Carpet Removal, Vinyl Installation, Hardwood Refinishing): Whether you're removing old carpets, installing vinyl flooring, or refinishing hardwood floors, our dumpster is perfectly equipped to handle waste generated during flooring projects of various scales.

 If you are in the need for a smaller dumpster, check out our 12 yard dumpster.


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